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Leaving Her Mark On the World – Volunteer/Elizabeth Hust

Leaving Her Mark On the World – Volunteer/Elizabeth Hust

“I’m a third generation nurse.  My family has a long history of caring for people and giving back to our communities.” said Elizabeth Hust who will be joining VOOM Foundation open-heart medical mission to Nigeria in December.   Elizabeth will be serving as a cardiac ICU nurse and will be working one-one-one with local medical staff teaching standards of care.   In a long line of family nurses, Elizabeth will be giving to a community across the world while serving Nigeria poor and vulnerable patients.

In 2013, there was not one single healthcare facility in Nigeria, a country of 173M at the time, where you could get open-heart surgery.  This meant that those who could afford to travel out of the country for the procedure would do so, leaving over 65% of those living under the poverty line with a death sentence.  In 2013, VOOM provided change.  Through the shipment of donated equipment, the installation of four ICU beds and two operating theaters, the program was reborn.  Each year, VOOM travels with medical teams to Nigeria to perform open-heart procedures for the world poor and vulnerable.

“I love that part of the mission is to mentor and help other medical professionals to provide care they would otherwise be unable to provide.  It’s not an outside team swooping in, doing these surgeries and leaving.  It’s leaving a legacy of empowerment touching the lives of more than just individual patients and families.” stated Hust.

VOOM is blessed to have Elizabeth join the team and the VOOM family of selfless service.

Visit Elizabeth’s campaign at: http://www.voomfoundation.org/campaigns/elizabeth-hust/

Shawn Andaya-Pulliam


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