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Strike! Help us Hire Nurses

This Campaign has ended. No more donations can be made.

Strike! Help us Hire Nurses


Unfortunately the Nurses’ Union of Nigeria have gone on an indefinite strike leaving us without nurses, technicians, and all other essential staff. This has caused a great hinderance to our efforts here in Nigeria. We have been fortunate enough to find a few nurses willing to assist us.  These awesome ladies have agreed to join our mission across Nigeria to the city of Enugu. We urgently need your help since these unforeseen plans were not included in our budget.

For the next 10 days we will hire four local nurses around the clock to assist caring for our patients.

Our costs include:

  • Round trip travel expenses to Enugu from Lagos
  • Room and board
  • Fair wages


Bailee WiLson Donated $75.00
Adanna Akujuo Donated $500.00
Kristie Force Donated $100.00
Brett Fladager Donated $100.00

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