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In Memory of Victor!

Celebrating this year’s birthday in memory of Victor Ogbonna!


For my birthday I raising funds for our June 2019 open-heart mission memory of this sweet boy Victor Ogbonna.  I would like to provide at least one patient open-heart surgery ($2,500) in the memory of this amazing young man!    I met Victor in March of 2016, at the Univeristy of Nigeria Teaching Hospital.  He was a cancer patient who was stuck in the hospital because he couldn’t pay his bill.  We developed an amazing relationship through facebook as he would tell me his struggles and ask my advice on how to seek treatment in Nigeria.

His struggles were huge!  Managing his healthcare was an arduous task for a 14 year old!  His struggles included – raising the money for his surgery, locating products for his surgery, transporting himself to and from the hospital, recruiting his own blood donors, delays in treatment due to hospital strikes, a radiation machine that continued to break down and making all the big decisions about his own health.  He was 14 when I met him and he was one of thousands of children in Nigeria in charge of their own healthcare.

I have found out recently that Victor impacted so many lives.  He friended and prayed with some of my friends who were going through some tough times here in America!  I also discovered that he also had a prayer group in America who were praying for his healthy recovery!  Wow!

Victor was a young many with so much potential.  His dreams were cut short this year as he fell sick just days before the November 2018 mission and passed away!  His memory will always be engrained in my heart because he had so much faith, spirit and passion for others and he is the reminder of why VOOM Foundation’s work is so in need in the country!  When I speak on behalf of VOOM, I always tell his story hoping that those who listen will understand what children in third world countries endure!

I am setting a goal to provide at least one open-heart surgery in his memory this June.  The surgery cost $2,500.   Thank you all so much for any gift you can give!  Love you!



Dawn Knight Donated $100.00
new Braunfels Betts Donated $2,500.00
Lola Hardy Donated $40.00
Carrie Schimmels Donated $250.00

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