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Below is a picture of the lives we saved on my very first medical mission to Nigeria.  I was a volunteer at the time and I told Dr. Vincent Ohaju on my way home from that mission that I was going to one day work for him and run his foundation.  Within the next two years I was hired as the first executive director for the organization.   We are currently making moves, engaging more partners, partnering with new hospitals and working diligently to raise money to deliver our work and serve more patients.  I would love for you all to consider helping me deliver with a monetary gift or sharing our work.  You can even start your own campaign by sending your picture a a few lines about why you want to help to info@voomfoundation.org.  We will get you hooked up!  Thanks you for any consideration!  Love you all!


In 2013, VOOM Foundation through a partnership with the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, restarted the once abandoned open-heart program in Nigeria.  Nigerian’s suffering from heart disease either traveled out of the country for surgery or died.  In Nigeria, with the population of 173M at the time, it was the only opportunity for Nigerians suffering from heart disease to get surgery.  VOOM travels several times a year to Nigeria to perform life-saving surgery to those in need.  To date, VOOM Foundation has performed a total of 164 open-heart cases and leads all other health organizations in the entire country.   The long-term goal of VOOM Foundation is to create a sustaining healthcare program based on quality that provides impartial healthcare to everyone despite their ability to pay.


Bill Horton Donated $500.00
Pat hiler Donated $50.00
CHRISTINA Gron Donated $25.00
Carrie Schimmels Donated $500.00

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