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I have dreamed of this opportunity for so long…I am honored to be the Non-Profit Development intern for the VOOM Foundation. It has been an amazing year working for this amazing organization. God has opened this door to me and He is leading me towards my purpose each day.

VOOM is a humanitarian organization that travels to Africa to place heart valves into dying indigent patients. Also, at the same time, they focus on educating the doctors and medical staff in the African hospitals on how to perform surgeries such as these.

Growing up I knew in my heart I was wanted to make a difference somehow in the world, but I never knew how that could be accomplished. During my freshman year at Texas A&M, I had the privileged to hear Shawn Andaya-Pulliam speak how working for VOOM, as the Executive Director of Foundation Development, provided her with a life changing experience and altered her perspective in so many ways. I was intrigued a non-profit business major like myself, could get involved and directly save a life without even going to medical school.

Therefore, here I am today, growing, learning, working, and most importantly giving my 110% effort to make a difference. Even if I only raise $5,000, that saves ONE LIFE. A daughter, son, mother and father – all children of God. All human beings. I consider that a huge impact. Like I said, I am more than honored to have received such a valuable internship, to not only make me a better student and future employee, but a better human being with an even bigger heart. More than anything I want to gain an understanding about how other countries are suffering, so that I can work and give harder to their TRUE needs. I don’t want to live here with excess and not realize people are living in another country, that can’t even dial 911 when they are ill. There is no hope for the citizens in Nigeria. Here in America, our needs are met every moment, we worry about “wants,” in Nigeria they can’t even get their vital needs met. Their worries include if they will live another day. My heart hurts for these human beings, which is why I am dedicating my months ahead to serving them with the best of my abilities.

Please help me make a difference and be a part of this movement. Together we can regrow the HOPE in this broken country.


-Sarah Norman




ABOUT VOOM: In 2014, VOOM Foundation through a partnership with the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, restarted the once abandoned open-heart program in Nigeria.  Nigerian’s suffering from heart disease either traveled out of the country for surgery or died.  In Nigeria, with the population of 175M at the time, it was the only opportunity for Nigerians suffering from heart disease to get surgery.  VOOM travels several times a year to Nigeria to perform life-saving surgery to those in need.  To date, VOOM Foundation has performed a total of 164 open-heart cases and leads all other health organizations in the entire country.   The long-term goal of VOOM Foundation is to create a sustaining healthcare program that provides impartial healthcare to everyone despite their ability to pay.


EriCa NeWsom Donated $50.00
Deann Dickens Donated $50.00

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