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Help me Save a LIFE!

Jeff Goyer – Help me Save a Life!


Please support my Open-Heart Medical Mission!

I am proud to say that in November I am headed to the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital in Enugu, Nigeria to help with an open-heart medical mission trip.  We will be providing surgery to very sick patients who cannot afford surgery without our work.    I will be teaching Nigerian staff  best practices of care to improve the universities cardiac program.     I am raising funds to help support indigent patients who cannot afford surgery and to cover cost related to my trip.  $5,000 grants one indigenous patient surgery.  Please consider helping me deliver this work.  Thank you in advance for your support.  Below is some information about VOOM Foundation:



In 2014, VOOM Foundation through a partnership with the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, restarted the once abandoned open-heart program in Nigeria.  Nigerian’s suffering from heart disease either traveled out of the country for surgery or died.  In Nigeria, with the population of 175M at the time, it was the only opportunity for Nigerians suffering from heart disease to get surgery.  VOOM travels several times a year to Nigeria to perform life-saving surgery to those in need.  To date, VOOM Foundation has performed a total of 164 open-heart cases and leads all other health organizations in the entire country.   The long-term goal of VOOM Foundation is to create a sustaining healthcare program that provides impartial healthcare to everyone despite their ability to pay.


Andrew Goyer Donated $100.00
Leeann HamilTon Donated $200.00
Julianne Noble Donated $75.00
John Goyer Donated $50.00

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  1. LeeAnn Hamilton 1 year ago November 1, 2017

    Pop and I are so very proud of you and your accomplishments. May God Bless you and keep you and your colleagues safe on your journey. We love you. ❤️💜😘


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