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Let’s send these beautiful souls home for Christmas!   The Voom Foundation staff is finishing our open-heart mission.  Prior to our departure we visit the general inpatient wards and there are several patients  that are stuck in the hospital because they cannot afford to pay their bill.  In Nigeria, if you cannot pay your bill, you will be retained within the hospital after you are discharged without appropriate access to food or care.   These patients rely on family and friends to provide food and whatever continued medical care they have been prescribed.

VOOM would like to send them home for Christmas.  VOOM and our hospital partner, UNTH have agreed to cover half the bill for these patients.  We are asking our family and friends to consider a Christmas gift donation to help these patients go home to their families for the holidays. In addition to these patients needing to be released, we have young children and babies in need of formula, drugs and other items. Among these babies are a set of triplets who are now twins as they have lost one of their siblings last week. Their condition is dire, and your support will directly impact, and in many cases, save these Childrens lives. Please consider your donations as a spirit of goodwill and kindness to help those less fortunate than you.


Myles Donated $228.00
Jessica Ohaju Donated $150.00
Amanda VanderHulst Donated $15.00
Kim Pepper Donated $200.00

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