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This Campaign has ended. No more donations can be made.

HERO Campaign


In 2013, there was not one single healthcare facility in Nigeria, a country of 173 million at the time, where one could receive open-heart surgery. Patients who couldn’t afford to travel out of the country for treatment would eventually die. With over 65% of the country in poverty and 90% of the country lacking access to quality healthcare, VOOM Foundation stepped in to address the need.

Through a partnership with the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital and generous donations from individuals and corporations, VOOM Foundation restarted the abandoned program.

Each year, volunteer medical teams are recruited from several countries to travel to Nigeria to train and educate local cardiac staff with a goal of a sustainable open-heart program.

The HERO Campaign supports VOOM’s mission and commitment to serve the poor and vulnerable by recruiting funding partners wishing to sponsor patient surgeries, and offer a new opportunity for LIFE.


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