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Giving Tuesday – November 27, 2018


Giving Tuesday started in 2012 as an effort to help raise funds and awareness for non-profits after the popular shopping holidays of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Since the beginning of Giving Tuesday, the holiday has been fueled by social media collaboration and turned into a worldwide charity movement.


This year the VOOM Foundation is participating in Giving Tuesday, allowing people around the world to make an impact on the work in Nigeria. By giving today, you are enabling the VOOM Foundation to provide the following services to indigent patients in Nigeria:


As of November 2018, 175 open heart surgeries have been performed by VOOM volunteer medical teams.


Tens of thousands of dollars for medical supplies and equipment are shipped to Nigeria from VOOM Foundation yearly.   VOOM equipped two operating theatres and four ICU beds with ventilators and drips allowing the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital to conduct heart surgery throughout duration of the year.


Over 300 prospective and current Nigerian medical practitioners attended training conducted by the VOOM Foundation volunteers, so the good works can continue long after the mission.

VOOM training provides:

  • Managing all levels of critically ill patients
  • Retooling Intensive Care Units
  • Emergency training
  • Emergency Room management
  • Biomedical technology


To expand our reach and serve the indigenous people of Nigeria during each mission, VOOM Foundation medical staff travels to the rural areas to conduct health fairs. Both adult and pediatric patients come to see the staff for well-checks. Those needing additional diagnostics are referred to University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital for further examination.

Screening for diabetes and hypertension are conducted free of charge.  Eye examinations are conducted and over 500 pairs of eye are handed out.  VOOM Foundation brings and dispenses needed medicines such as antibiotics, pain relievers, cold remedies, blood-pressure medicines, medicines for diabetes, malaria and parasites.  Over 500 toothbrushes are given to adults and children.

Fun activities for children are always a huge hit at the health fair.


VOOM Foundation medical volunteers visit indigent patients in the hospital wards that cannot afford to pay their hospital bill. In Nigeria, patients who are unable to pay are required to stay in a ward at the hospital until debts are settled.

VOOM volunteers visit patients and evaluate their medical conditions to see if discharge is a feasible option for a positive outcome.   If so, medical staff and VOOM Foundation pay off the patient’s balance so the patient can be released to their homes and heal in the care of their families.


Let us come together and share our ability to change the world by donating to the VOOM Foundation’s Giving Tuesday campaign.


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